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Below is a copy of a letter sent out to previous "No Spray Zone" participants

January 28, 2019

RE: Adoption of new NO SPRAY ZONE Policy & Procedures

To Whom it May Concern:

The Weber Mosquito Abatement District Board of Trustees adopted a new NO SPRAY ZONE Policy on January 14, 2019. You are receiving this letter and the attached policy and request form because at some time you, or someone at this address, has requested the Weber Mosquito Abatement District (Weber MAD) not conduct night-time truck spraying (also known as adulticiding, ULV spraying, or fogging) around this property. The reason for a no spray zone request around a home or property were mostly for the presence of beehives, aversion to chemicals and/or pesticides, health concerns, or an organic garden. The previous policy of Weber MAD was to carefully consider and honor many of these requests. However, the means of adequately updating these requests from year to year was not there. For example, last summer there were a number no spray areas and beehives where people had moved, or the beehive was moved, and Weber MAD was not notified.

 This policy was created and adopted to ensure that the Weber MAD keep its records as precise and current as possible. The new policy states that “Applications for the ‘No Spray Zone’ must be renewed” annually. This means that ALL no spray zones from previous years have been removed from the District’s database.

 If it is your intent to continue having your property in the Weber MAD’s no spray database, you must submit a NEW no spray request to Weber MAD with the attached form. We encourage you to first read the attached policy, fill out the request form, and return it to Weber MAD promptly. You are welcome to scan and email the form, mail the form to the office, or hand deliver the form. Phone requests for a no spray zone will no longer be accepted. A copy of the policy and request form is also available on the District’s website –